Some Changes at Snipette

Change is afoot, and we wanted to let you all know.

Hello, Snipette readers!

Change is afoot, and we wanted to let you all know.

Social Media

Good news first: we’re glad to welcome a new member to the Snipette editorial team. Trisha Sam is joining our publication as a Social Media Manager.

This is part of some efforts we’ve been making in order to try and reach a wider audience and increase our social media presence. We hope to be more interactive and have some wonderful conversations on that front — do feel free to join in and get us started! 💬

Trisha has made it possible for us to begin Instagram, so Instagrammers can follow us @snipettemag.

Don’t forget, we’re also available via Facebook, Twitter, email, RSS feeds, and the Fediverse! For full details, click here.

Editorial and Authors

The second change: Manasa has decided to take a step back from writing for a while, due to increasing workload at school, and will be taking on a more back-room-esque position at Snipette.

She’ll be taking on the Writers’ Programme and recruiting more than before, while Badri takes over as backup author.

Meanwhile, however, we’re happy to welcome several new authors to our team this year.

Aubrey Norwood, Paul Cathill, Xander Warszawski, Abbey, Ryan Reudell, and Sidharth Jain: thank you for all your articles — we look forward to sharing more of them in the future!

We’ll be sending out a list of these authors’ articles in a few weeks, when Snipette turns 2 years old. Meanwhile, feel free to click through their profiles — and perhaps you’d consider joining us yourself as well! 📝

Bypassing the Paywall

And finally, you may have noticed some of our stories being marked as “members only” of late. This is because of a change in Medium policy: if an article is selected for display by their editors, they put it behind a paywall.

You’ll find these links anywhere on social media, as well as in our Weekly Email 🔑

If you can afford $5 a month, we encourage you to become a Medium member. Your contribution will help support Snipette, as well as any other authors whose articles you read.

If not, just follow us by email or social-media, and you’ll be good to go!

That’s it for this update. Stay tuned for our second anniversary on 11th June. And till then, happy reading!

Badri and Manasa, editors at Snipette