New Year 2019 — and a poem!

It’s time once again, for a new year to come round — and with it, more new things that we’re planning at Snipette!

Hello, Snipette readers!

It’s time once again, for a new year to come round — and with it, more new things that we’re planning at Snipette!

In this email, we’ll take a brief look back, and then a brief look ahead. But if you’re impatient, you can skip straight to the new poem for the new year, composed and animated by Aubrey Norwood.

Because hey, what’s that dog doing in the dustbin?

Looking behind

Last year, we crossed 200 followers. That’s awesome — but of course, numbers aren’t everything. What counts is the comments you post, the pieces you write for us, and, most of all, the enjoyment you get from reading our pieces.

That’s why we want to thank each and every one of you for sticking around with us.

To round off the year, here’s a selection of articles from 2018. They’re not the most popular ones — any algorithm can tell you that — but the ones we, the editors, think you might enjoy.

One of last year’s unusual pieces was a photo-feature by Tarek [New York City in 35mm]. Tarek took his photos with an old-style analog camera, which still gives high-quality pictures. Of course, some cameras are older, such as the one Siddharth describes: the human eye itself [The Distant Eye]. Eyes have their quirks, like seeing the sky as blue — but then, that’s not the only colour the sky can get [Pretty, Polluted].

Pollution can change the sky colour as well, especially now that cars have taken over what once belonged to humans [Road Rules].

Actually, pollution is changing much more than just the sky — as Theresa of March for Science can tell you [Feeding the Blue]. The Earth is an intricate ecosystem, and even small changes have their effect. Like, did you know you could make it rain just by dancing? [The Ice-Maker’s Story]. Thuận Sarzynski’s fairytale is just one example [Sleeping Beauty, Underground].

The world is full of everyday things that, if we weren’t so used to them, would seem like science fiction [Common Relativity]. Of course, as Aashutosha will remind you, science fiction doesn’t have to be outlandish. It can be very much real [Not Just Fantasy].

Reading books, whether science fiction or otherwise, can actually change your brain — as Manasa can tell you [Reading Mind]. And, as Badri points out, books are designed quite well [Book Design].

Looking ahead

In December, we launched the Snipette Year-End Survey. This was out attempt to slow down, look back, and find out how you were really liking our articles. How were you liking them? Are there any ways we could improve?

To those who filled the survey: thank you. Your feedback will help us decide how to direct Snipette, to make it the way you like it. The results will be out in a few days, and we’ll keep you posted.

(If you haven’t filled the survey, you still have some time — but do it soon!)

One feedback we got was that the range of topics could do with expansion — and that’s what we plan to change in the coming year.

Snipette articles have certain properties, but they don’t have to stick to certain subjects!

To prospective authors, that also means: don’t hesitate to submit. Don’t think your article will be off-topic. We’re working to diversify our articles, and you’re the one who can help us do it!

Whatever your topic is, if you’re willing to work with us, we can help you make it fit the Snipette Style.

Looking around

Now that you’ve reviewed the past and glimpsed the future, here’s a reminder of what you can do right now.

The Snipette Survey is ending soon, but you can still give us feedback! We’re available on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, the Fediverse, and even plain ol’ email (just reply to this one!). Is there a survey answer you suddenly thought of, or something more you want to say? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

It doesn’t have to be feedback either. If you have any random idea or thought, tweet or share it with hashtag #AskSnipette, and we can look into it for you.

If you want to become a Snipette writer, we’d be very happy to have you. Here’s how to go about it. And if you’re not confident with your writing, or have trouble getting to the Snipette Style, our Writers’ Programme can help guide you.

And last but not the least: reading Snipette! Now you know all your options, what’s left to do but sit back and enjoy? Here’s that new-year poem we mentioned.

We hope you have a wonderful new year. A year that helps you understand the world, that shows you new perspectives, and that is, most of all, fun.

Here’s to 2019!

Manasa and Badri, editors at Snipette