Terms and Conditions for Snipette Membership

Last updated: February 11, 2023

Thank you for being a Snipette customer. We are a small volunteer-run service, and as such we do not have automated services for many functions. However, you are welcome to contact editors@snipettemag.com for support and clarifications.

This page describes your rights and obligations as a paying subscriber to the digital or print edition of Snipette.

Payments and Activation

We accept payments through PayU for Indian customers and PayPal for international customers. The subscription rates are mentioned on the subscription page and may be adjusted from time to time to reflect changing costs. All prices include post and packaging.

Issues are released quarterly (four times a year). Depending on your location, you will have the option of paying in advance for one year, or for activating a recurring subscription. In both cases, the first issue you receive will depend on when the payment was made.

Analog (print) issues are finalised for printing around 20 days before the start of a quarter. These "20 day windows" are as follows:

  • By 10th December for the January-March issue
  • By 10th March for the April-June issue
  • By 10th June for the July-September issue
  • By 10th July for the October-December issue

If you make a payment for your subscription before the 20-day window, you will receive the subsequent issue of Snipette. If you make a payment after the 20-day window has passed, your subscription will start only on the subsequent quarter.

In the case of digital subscriptions, there is no 20-day window. Your subscription will begin on the quarter immediately following your payment.

Address and Shipping

Physical copies of Snipette will be shipped to the address specified during payment. We use India Post for shipping, both locally and internationally. We recommend that you include your full address, including PIN code/ZIP code, to ensure smoother delivery.

You can change your delivery address at any time by sending a request to editors@snipettemag.com. Please make sure to email us before the 20-day window; otherwise the copy in question may be shipped to the old address.

Depending on your location, delivery could take up to 3 weeks for Indian addresses or 6 weeks for international addresses. (Shipping may also be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions and other disruptions outside our control, but most of our customers have reported delivery within these timeframes).

If you have not received your copy within the specified timeframe, please write to editors@snipettemag.com and we will provide a replacement. If the copy gets returned to us by India Post, due to failed delivery or other reasons, we will contact you by email to confirm your address and retry delivery. However, we recommend that you email us anyway if you suspect the delivery got lost.

Cancellation and Refunds

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

  • If you paid in advance for a year and want to cancel your subscription before the year is up, you can request a refund and cancellation by sending an email to editors@snipettemag.com from the same email address you used while activating your subscription.
  • If you made a one-time payment whose period has lapsed, you can choose not to pay for its renewal. If you do not pay, your subscription will automatically be considered cancelled.
  • PayPal customers can cancel the subscription from their PayPal dashboard. By default, we will send you the last copy that you paid for before terminating your subscription. Instead of receiving the last copy, you can ask for a refund if you (a) cancel your print subscription before the 20-day window and your copy has not yet been printed or (b) cancel your digital subscription before the first day of the quarter when the upcoming issue has not yet been delivered to you. To avail of the refund, please email editors@snipettemag.com from the same email address you used while activating your subscription.

Refunds will not be given for issues of Snipette Analog that have already been printed or for digital issues that have already been released.

Contacting Us

Snipette is run by humans, not robots. If you want to raise a grievance or request clarification from us, you are welcome to reach out by email at any time to editors@snipettemag.com. You will receive a response within 10 days. (Just between us, our response time is more like a day or two, but since this is a "Terms and Conditions" we're playing it safe with our promises).

For swifter responses, we recommend that you use the same email ID you used while subscribing to Snipette, and check the inbox regularly to receive updates.