Perspective, Fun, Understandability

Just about five years ago, two teenagers decided to take their shared curiosities and passion for writing and use it to start a blog about all the random little things that excited them. Science, social science, environment, whatever looked interesting in the latest book being read—anything was fair game. One week of frantic writing and a dozen phone calls later, Snipette was born.

For the first two years, the editors really only edited one another, taking turns on alternating weeks to write. Rural internet was a hurdle to overcome. So was computer time. And where could we look to find 52 ideas a year? But every week, like clockwork, one post managed to make its way out.

Many of these earlier pieces were collaborative, and laid the foundations for the way we work with our authors today. Oh, did we mention our authors? We’ve worked with over fifty now, of which a dozen or so are currently active. It isn’t just Badri and Manasa’s curiosities here anymore.

Before working on Snipette, both Badri and Manasa ran handwritten print magazines at their school and homes—Sirius and Graphiti respectively. Snipette evolved from the bones of these publications, taking their premises and themes, but shedding the limitations of physical distribution. Today, our Medium page has over 500 followers, with dozens more on our website.

On June 11th, 2020 we premiered a print edition—an anthology of our online writings, with a little bit more sprinkled in. And over the next years, we hope to be able to share our curiosities with more and more people, and hopefully, learn theirs as well!

We hope you’ll join us on this journey, and find a little happiness in our excitement.

Manasa and Badri,
Editors at Snipette

Meet the Team

Founding Editors

Badri Sunderarajan lives on a farm in rural Tamilnadu, India. An avid letter-writer and paper-crafter, he prefers the low tech to the high, although that doesn't stop him from using his coding skills when he needs to. He likes fixing things, discussing pointless theories, and exploring the wilderness. Reading is his default state of being (often with a cat on his back).

Manasa Kashi is an economics student and a confirmed Ravenclaw. She hasn’t met very many books that she isn’t willing to try—except horror. She enjoys cooking, baking, and eating (notice a pattern there?), as well as singing along with her guitar. When not doing any of the above, she can often be found staring into space, daydreaming about the novel she will one day (never) write.

Associate Editors

Akil Ravi is a passionate bibliophile who also loves to read and write poetry. She enjoys sketching anything nature related, and likes to explore new types of art—minimal line art being a favourite and a pencil being her preferred tool. One of her cherished activities is to walk barefoot early in the morning, on a dirt path, while creating imaginary worlds and writing poems in her head!

Nia Chari is a committed bookworm and (slightly less committed) writer. She also loves working with wool, and can so be found attempting to read, eat, and crochet at the same time, in a cosy nook. Currently, an A-level student, Nia enjoys partnering with fellow writers to create a more connected world

Assistant Editors

Rhea Suresh is a full-time reader and occasional writer. This literary energy serves her well in her role as a senior editor for Snipette! When not surrounded by words, she enjoys dabbling in art, and especially loves creating works in watercolour. (Just don't ask her to draw humans).