Home Alone?

Why a partner when a puppy will do?

Home Alone?

Why a partner when a puppy will do?

Why a partner, when a puppy will do
To curl up beside and be close to you?

If you need a lot more love in your life
This is a way to get it without strife.
For a puppy, she does not ask too much
Just a kindly word and a gentle touch.

Someone to take for a walk in the park
So you feel safe when alone in the dark.

A puppy will always do as he’s told.
If he’s bad he will respond to a scold.

He will never leave you, for another.
That’s more than can be said, for your lover.
When you return home, he’ll be, without fail,
Waiting at the front door wagging his tail.

Happy to see you, he gives you a lift
After a long night on the graveyard shift.

A puppy will believe all that you say
And will be your supporter, come what may.

She will not talk back and argue the point
Nor kick up a fuss and rubbish the joint.
In her loving eyes, you can do no wrong.
She will always choose you, out of the throng.
If you offend, you will be forgiven.
Out of the house you will not be driven.

A puppy is always ready to play
At just about any time of the day.
On the ground where you walk, he will worship.
At the heels of intruders he will nip.

When owners receive gratitude like this
It makes up for all the love that they miss.

How many more will give up on a spouse
And welcome a puppy into the house?

A puppy can be a surrogate child.
That is because, she is so meek and mild.
Together you two can forge a strong bond
To ensure of each other, you grow fond.
The puppy will come to depend on you
For food and water and company too.

In turn will she be, to you devoted
And all of her life, be sugar-coated.