The Writers' Programme

So, you have something to say but are not sure how to “write” it? Perhaps you’re not confident it’ll turn out as a “good” article? Maybe you’re not publishing because you don’t want to make a “fool” of yourself? Or do you have a piece written up already, and simply want to give it a bit of “polishing”?

We have a feeling there are many potential writers out there. People who would be writers, except for the fact that they’re scared or don’t know how to begin.

The Snipette Writers’ Programme is aimed to help them start.

Already a writer?

If you want to submit your own piece, without going through the Writers’ Programme, then here's what you're looking for.

At Snipette, we like to edit articles; put a final finishing touch before they go out into the world. Almost all our articles are edited, even if they’re written by the editors themselves!

Now, we’re opening up our system for you to take part in, too.

At the Snipette Writers’ Programme, we’ll guide you through the process of writing a Snipette article. We’ll let you focus on the writing and take care of the other stuff. There’s no need to stress about spelling, punctuation and correct grammar. That’s what editors are for!

Of course, you’re free to take over any aspects of the writing you want to. The ultimate decision will be up to you.

Meanwhile, we’ll also give you helpful comments and suggestions for improvement, and we’ll be there to help out if you get stuck.

How it works

We understand that no two peoples’ requirements of us will be the same. No two people’s ideas or problems or finished products will be the same. Having said that, we do have some ideas about the system, that will hold constant for all our applicants:

  • Your workplace will be an empty Google Docs sheet. This is where you’ll be writing your article and we, the Snipette editors, will be using the “comments” and “suggestions” features to help you out and suggest edits.
  • Meanwhile, we’ll also keep an email thread going. This is where we, writer and editors, will be discussing the article in general. You can also ask any questions you might have or ask for help if you need it.
  • When your article is done, you will have a chance to approve your final draft before it gets scheduled. (If you want to publish under Medium, you will have to copy your article to a new draft and submit it to Snipette's Medium publication).

Some Guidelines

Come with an idea. We’ll help you edit your writing, but we’re not going to tell you what to write about. We can help you out if you really can’t think of anything, but the main initiative should be yours.

Your work will be published in Snipette. By taking part in the Writers’ Programme, you give Snipette permission and exclusive rights to publish any of the work you create with us. (You’ll still retain ownership).

Take a look at the Snipette guidelines. At Snipette, we aim for a certain kind of story. The definition should be broad enough to accommodate your individual writing style and topic of choice, and we’ll help you adjust your article to make it work, but we’d like you to be aware of the standard we have in mind as we edit you.

You have veto power. We won’t force you to make a change you don’t want to. We give you suggestions, not commands. We may sometimes ask you why you want things a certain way — in order to get a better idea of what you’re thinking, rather than trying to convince you to change your mind — but you have the final say.

Be patient. We’ll try to get back to you within four days. However, connectivity is sometimes erratic and we may run into other constraints. So if our replies take longer, don’t feel you’ve been abandoned!

All ready?

To register for the Snipette Writers’ Programme, simply fill in this form.