Writers' FAQ

Are we accepting any more questions?


Snipette has ceased operations, and will not be accepting any new submissions or questions related to submissions and publication of articles. For more information please check here.

The Snipette team will, however, be doing other new and interesting projects related to writing and publishing. Do keep an eye out! Of course, we can always be reached at editors@snipettemag.com for communication. Just do not go asking about submissions and publication. All other discussions are most welcome.

For sentimental and archival purposes, we have kept the list of FAQs that had shaped up in our publishing tenure. You can find then below:

Will I get paid for my pieces?

We do not as yet pay our authors directly, but you are welcome to take part in the Medium Partner Program and make money from there.

We have recently launched a Membership Programme combined with our print edition, Snipette Analog. Once we get enough subscribers to make a reasonable turnover, you will start receiving a share of that revenue as well.

I'm on Medium; what's the advantage of posting directly on Snipette?

The main advantage is that your posts will be promoted to the Snipette audience in addition to your usual one. Because of this, your Medium viewership will increase—and so will your earnings if you are signed up for their Partner Programme.

Meanwhile, your pieces will also be distributed on our own website, and in our print magazine, Analog.

Writing for Snipette also comes with editorial help. Our process is very collaborative, so we can provide you with as much or as little help as you need. We'll also provide a custom illustration for your piece, so you can say goodbye to stock photos!

How many views do your articles get?

We get almost 50 views per day on our website, and are averaging 100 on Medium. This doesn't translate evenly to all articles, but you should expect at least 50-100 views more in the first week than you'd get by publishing on your own. (If your readership is higher, you'll get even more of a boost).

What's the demographic of your target audience?

Our audience is hard to define by age or nationality, since we cover a broad spectrum. Ages range from teens to adults. Style-wise, you can expect readers to be a bit more "literary" than a general audience: they enjoy long-form text and in-depth descriptions rather than quick bursts of facts.

We have readers from various countries, so don't make assumptions about local knowledge (especially politics). That said, we're always happy to have people explain their culture to others—like sharing an in-joke and then explaining the story behind it.

We suggest you follow your usual writing style—we'll be there to let you know if it needs any modification.

Will I retain the copyright to my pieces?

You will own the copyright to your piece, although we request you to put up an "originally published at Snipette" note if your pieces are republished elsewhere. Please let us know before republishing somewhere else.

You will also be granted the right to republish the illustration that accompanies the article, provided you include a credit line and/or link back to us as the original source.

Of course, we'll retain the right to publish your piece (a) on our website, (b) on the print edition, Snipette Analog, and (c) on our Medium publication.

How often am I expected to write for you?

We typically publish once a week. Many of our authors write fairly sporadically, averaging at about once in six weeks to two months. However, this varies from person to person, and we welcome you to make a commitment schedule that suits your writing style.

Will I have a say in how the article gets edited?

Of course! We will be making plenty of suggestions, but at the end of the day, that's all they are - suggestions. If, at any point, you feel uncomfortable with some of our changes, we can always backtrack and discuss it further. Final decisions regarding the piece will always be yours.

Can I re-post old pieces that I've published elsewhere?

You are welcome to rework old pieces, as long as you make sure you have necessary permissions from the place your pieces were originally published. (If it's from your personal blog, that one's a no-brainer).

However, your pieces may have to go through some extra editing to make sure they fit the Snipette Style.

Regarding re-posting of Medium articles: while Snipette does not have any problems, you should ensure you're not violating Medium's "no duplicates" policy. This means the reworked articles should be substantially different from the original. Of course, our editors can help there too!

Can I take down my pieces after they've been published?

One thing to note is that Snipette is a print magazine as well as an online one, so your writing will continue to be reproduced in the print version.

Online, we publish in two spaces - on Medium and on our website. You are welcome to remove your pieces from Medium (as some of our authors elected to do after a change to their to terms and conditions), but they cannot be taken down from our website.

If your question isn't answered here, don't hesitate to reach out to us at editors@snipettemag.com. Who knows—maybe your question too will feature on this page one day!