Uplifted, not Addicted

Leave me alone with my phone

Uplifted, not Addicted

Leave me alone with my phone

How on earth can it possibly be
That we expose our stuff for all to see?

Social media, tries to make the case
That we open our hearts to show our face
So full understanding, of each other
Will avoid disputes, with friend and brother.
But how do we know, whomever to trust
To treat our stuff, in a way that is just?

How do we strike, a balance that is right
So to keep our secrets, locked up tight,
While still being thought, as one of the gang
And giving our ego somewhere to hang?

On the feedback we give, our friends rely
And this strengthens the bond, which we can tie.
And what kind of harm can there really be
In revealing our likes for all to see?

But what if our posts are filtered by trolls
Who are hellbent, on exacting their tolls?

Our address, an online bully may find
Or a thief steal our name to rob us blind.
Be on guard for any charming talker.
In case he becomes, an online stalker.
Mind what we say, about our latest fads
Or else be targeted with lots of ads.

But don’t let this hinder a search online
For a childhood sweetheart for whom we pine,
Or to fix us up with a red hot date
Who might turn into, a suitable mate.
For the internet is, not all that bad.
There is much enjoyment, still to be had,

And what on earth could we possibly do
If our peer’s news, we could no longer view?

But are we all, becoming addicted
In a habit which, no one predicted?

Must we check, each minute of the day
To see if there is, something new to say?

If we are online, and not watching the road
This for our survival, will not well bode.
Do we let others get under our skin
In an online battle we cannot win?

Perhaps we should try, to break the habit,
Not go down the hole, to chase the rabbit.

But then going back, to being alone
Might be the worst time, we have ever known,
Unless we find, something better to do
Which replaces hot gossip with meaning true.
Maybe a network that helps us to grow
Which would give us all, something more to show?

If we look out, at the bigger picture
We see the web as a social fixture
Which can be used for good or for evil,
Able to foment a huge upheaval.

For leaders cannot get away with lies,
Nor pull the wool, over their subjects’ eyes.
Misinformation can also be spread
By unknown hackers, whose lies we have read.

Are we to be led on this merry dance
Or should we take charge, our lives to enhance?
Why give to the networks, the show to run?
We are the users, when all said and done.
We can perform, like puppets on a string
Or we step up, and take hold of this thing.

Whatever we do, will have an effect
On the next generation to infect.