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Hello, potential writer! We are Badri and Manasa, founding co-editors (and former writers) here.

To Become A Writer For Snipette

Email us at Include a link to your Medium profile or blog (if you have one) and the draft or story that you’d like to submit, as well as pitch in 50-ish words. We’ll get back to you in 7–8 days.

If we accept your piece, you can expect to go through a two- to three-step editing process before we publish. If your article doesn’t fit with our style, we’ll let you know why and try to suggest some alternative approaches or pieces.  

Note: You can email your submissions to us, or submit them through Medium. If you send them through Medium, we will also republish them here on We are also open to authors reposting their Snipette piece on their own personal blog, if they wish to.

Some Guidelines

Typically, our pieces are centered around science or social science writing, often with a narrative thread running through. However, the topic doesn't matter to us as much as potential for fitting into our distinctive writing style.

If you’ve browsed our articles, you’ll already have an idea of what we publish — and you can get a clearer idea by reading about our signature “Snipette Style”.

We’d like our pieces to be easy to understand, so avoid highly technical language and complex words. Explain, as far as possible, rather than state.

That said, we do like creative and inventive description. Use simple words, but not simplistic styles. Avoid listicles. We don’t like subheadings either (but if you include them, we’ll help you edit them out while still preserving the flow).

Apart from the above, there’s no need to stick to article conventions. Use anecdotes to explain science or technical details as key parts of plotlines — they’re what make articles fun.

What to expect of the editing process:

We will:

  • Go through an intensive editing process with you to help mold the article into our style
  • Replace the header image with a custom hand-drawn illustration
  • Change the title and subtitle

You will, of course, have input and final approval over all aspects of this process.

We generally create our own illustrations for the header and body of the article. We ask that you allow us to do the same for yours. You can give us a description of the image you’d like, or even a photo for us to copy from. We will do our best to provide you with an image.

Regarding the Partner Programme:

We have a membership programme, from which we’ll start paying authors once we get sufficient numbers. If you know any people who may like to subscribe do share the link with them to help us reach our goal.

Meanwhile, if you're on Medium, you’re welcome to use their partner program, which lets people earn money by marking some of their articles as “members-only” and putting them behind a paywall. Sometimes, if an article gets “featured” by the Medium editors, it’ll be put behind a paywall anyway.

For the un-confident

We have a little more to help you write here.

You can also join our Writers’ Programme, where we’ll guide you through writing the perfect Snipette piece.