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Ask Me Anything

Join us for a fun and idea-filled half-hour!

Snipette is a literary science magazine. That means we cover topics like science, history, culture, and philosophy, but pay attention to the literary aspects of the piece. Our editorial team are all heavy readers of fiction, and we try to channel this into our work, so that people actually feel the topics they're reading about instead of simply interpreting them at an intellectual level.

We have writers ranging from students to retired professors, but are looking to actively engage with the college community. If you're interested in writing, collaborating with us, or even just reading a though-provoking piece every week, then Snipette is probably for you!

If you'd like to learn more, this AMA (Saturday, 1 Apr, 6pm IST) is a great chance for you to meet the team. More self-centeredly, we love to interact with like-minded people, but we don't end up doing that so often because calls are a bit hard to organise—so if you would deign to grace our presence by clicking the below button we'd be ever so grateful:

Want to know more about what Snipette is about? Read the pieces we're most proud of:

The Invasion
Most invasions are planned in advance. But this one was an accident.
The Fate of Oedipus
What can the ancient Greek myth tell us about our own understanding of fate?
A Face in the Crowd
Face blindness, communication, and neurodiversity in digital social life

If you liked those pieces, you can learn more about them by (you guessed it) clicking the button below: