Introducing Snipette

Welcome to Snipette, where we write about everything — from Google to Garbage to Greenhouse Gases.

Welcome to Snipette, where we write about everything — from Google to Garbage to Greenhouse Gases.

The range of articles we publish is diverse: science, environment, programming, social issues, philosophy, economics...the list goes on.

Having said that, there are certain similarities between all these pieces, common threads that tie all our articles together. These threads are what inspired us to create Snipette and continue to do so.

Something Understandable

There are many informative articles around the Web. At Snipette, however, we’re trying to go beyond information for the sake of it.

The articles we put up are easy to read and easy to understand. We feel there’s no point using a lot of advanced and technical terms if the people reading won’t know what they mean.

Every question is worthy of an answer - but this only works if every answer can be understood by everyone.

Something with Perspective

Are you a human? Well, you don’t have to be!

Snipette articles try to explore different perspectives. Don’t be surprised it you find yourself becoming an ant, an antelope, or even an atom.

Research has shown that reading about a character swimming, or climbing, or flying a broom will have the same effect on your brain as if you were actually doing those things.

We try to give you reasons to think.

Something Fun

Why do people laugh?

According to one theory, it’s to signal something unexpected, like when what looks like a threat suddenly turns out not to be. You get startled by a rustle in the bushes, but then you see it’s just a lizard. So you begin to laugh.

It’s Nature’s way of saying: “false alarm!”

But these false alarms aren’t just delightful, they’re delightful for a reason: they teach us something new. At Snipette, we use these false alarms to show you new things, to show you old things in new ways, or just to make something more memorable.

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to what we have to say.

Badri and Manasa, founding editors of Snipette.

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