Shelling Out (bibliography)

Shelling Out (bibliography)

On the origins of money

The History of Money: How Our Currency Evolved from Pelts to Money
Money is the most common medium of exchange, representing and functioning as legal tender. But how did man develop a world in which currencies are traded speculatively, where some are pegged agains…
Evolution of Money: From Ivory Tusks to Heavy Metals -
Money makes the world go round. This often used and abused saying could not have been coined in the olden days, when money as we know it did not exist and instead, other things of value were used to carry out buying and selling transactions. True enough, it is hard to imagine fat, well-fed cows […]
The History of Money
From barter, cattle, and cowrie shells to modern coins and currency, see how economic exchange has evolved through time.

On paper money and fiat

The Invention of Paper Money
Paper money first appeared in 12th century China, during the Song Dynasty. It proved much more convenient than coins but easier to counterfeit.
FDR takes United States off gold standard
On June 5, 1933, the United States went off the gold standard, a monetary system in which currency is backed by gold…

On Uruk tablets

Proto-Cuneiform: Earliest Form of Writing on our Planet
Proto-cuneiform is the transitional written language of Uruk period accounting in Mesopotamia, between Neolithic clay tokens and literary cuneiform.

On eating seashells (or not)

Dream about Seashells - Various Scenarios & Their Interpretations
A dream about seashells symbolizes protection, transformation, and communication. It can also signify wealth and the accomplishment of goals.