Developing Story (bibliography)

Developing Story (bibliography)

The story that sparked 'Developing Story'

The Story of Storytelling, by Ferris Jabr
What the hidden relationships of ancient folktales reveal about their evolution—and our own

On Red Riding Hood

The Phylogeny of Little Red Riding Hood
Researchers have long been fascinated by the strong continuities evident in the oral traditions associated with different cultures. According to the ‘historic-geographic’ school, it is possible to classify similar tales into “international types” and trace them back to their original archetypes. How…
Little Red Riding Hood ~ the French version ~ read if you dare!
In 1598 a man named Jacques Raollet was tried as a werewolf in Angers, Touraine. In the 15th to 17th centuries there were numerous werewolf trials in France ~ it was the masculine counterpart to t…
Little Red Riding Hood

On the age of folktales

“The Smith And The Devil” Is The World’s Oldest Fairy ...
Ah, a tale as old as time: The Smith and the Devil. Haven’t heard of it? What if we told you that this European fairytale is way older than those Brothers ...
Phylogenetic analyses suggests fairy tales are much older than thought
(—A pair of researchers has conducted a phylogenetic analysis on common fairy tales and has found that many of them appear to be much older than has been thought. In their paper published in Royal Society Open Science, Sara Graça da Silva, a social scientist/folklorist with New University o…

On the ATU Fable Index

The ATU Fable Index: Like the Dewey Decimal System, But With More Ogres
“The Wolf Dives Into the Water for Reflected Cheese,” and other highlights of folktale categorization.

On the origins of some folktales

Down and dirty fairy tales: How this rediscovered stash of darker-than-Grimm stories destroys our Prince Charming myths
The translator of a newly discovered trove of 150-year-old tales on the gender-bending surprises found there
Grimm brothers’ fairytales have blood and horror restored in new translation
‘It is time for parents and publishers to stop dumbing down the tales for children,’ says editor of uncut edition